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Making a resume more expensive

Now let's talk about what makes a resume more expensive. I advise people on how to improve their resume. Representatives of various positions send me their resumes: from ordinary sellers to company directors. Everyone makes the same mistakes. There was not a single resume to which I could not write 10 tips on how to improve it. Below I have collected the most frequent tips that I gave on the sent resume. Combine many jobs in one Of course, everyone has the right to make a mistake, and in a good resume there may be a couple of places where the candidate worked for 1–1.5 years. But if the whole resume looks like this, then its value is very low. However, it often happens that a person has changed several job positions in one company or transferred from company to company as part of a holding structure. Or he was engaged in project work, in the framework of which he replaced several employers. In such cases (and wherever possible), I recommend to design this as one place of w
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Follow the perfect structure

I have seen so many resume structures and the sequence of presentation of information. In my opinion, the ideal sequence for arranging information in a resume is: Surname and name (patronymic is not necessary, these are relics of the past). Photo. Contacts (only phone and city, do not indicate home address, the recruiter will not go home to check who lives there). The goal is the position you are applying for. And there is no need for template “to find a company like Geek Scape in which I can realize my potential with the maximum benefit both for the company and for myself”. Nobody takes this nonsense seriously anyway. Key competencies are part for experienced professionals. The recruiter may not want to read the entire resume, but he will see the key competencies. Here you need to indicate professional knowledge and achievements, as well as indicate several personal qualities. Education. Trainings Work experience (at the top - the latest place of work

Take an example from landing pages

You've probably met cool website landing pages on the Internet. Your resume should be no worse. A good resume is interesting to read, I want to read to the end. Each phrase in the resume strengthens the desire to buy it. It has a very simple and intuitive navigation (sections). In addition, the resume must comply with generally accepted standards. Therefore, if you are not a designer and not a representative of the creative profession, no background pictures in the resume. Use only business spoken language I always pay very much attention to the language of the resume. A resume should consist of simple words and phrases, there should be no formalism (the very words copied from your job description), your phrases should be written by you personally, and not copied from the Internet. All sentences should be short enough, without complex and complex structures. In this sense, I really like Norah Gal’s book, The Word Alive and Dead. Here are a few quotes that apply to your

Customize your resume for your profession

There are no universal resumes for all professions. For each profession, different types of resumes are important. The task of each type of resume is to show what is most important for the profession. So, for example, it is important for sales professions to show how you made money for the company. It is very important for technical and IT professions to show the presence of different skills and knowledge, for marketing - completed projects and so on. A complete list of typical professions indicating what a resume should show: Show your recruiter your success Your resume is not a set of separate blocks about your work, education and training. A millionth resume is a resume that is built into a success story. What is a success story? This is when it is clear how your education, career path, all kinds of trainings and certificates, personal qualities and the position you are looking for are related. If there is no logic in these elements, the recruiter will skip your resume. The

Think How To Sell Your Resume

The resume should be such that the recruiter would like to "buy" it. For a recruiter, a resume is one of the main tools of his work. You, of course, do not care what interface the programs have or the design of the sites you work with. You will avoid interfaces that you don't like. The same thing happens with a recruiter: if he does not like the interface of your resume, the desire to work with your resume with a recruiter is lower. An experienced recruiter, if he likes filling your resume, will redo the resume and make it more selling, but this is more an exception than a rule. The next person to watch your resume after the recruiter will be the hiring manager. Thus, a resume undergoes a double and sometimes triple test. I want to read a good resume completely and re-read it again.